Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pockets, Pants, and Twirls

Hi friends! How's your day been? Good? Full of laughing and playing and spinning around in a twirly, fun dress? I hope so.

This outfit was perhaps the hardest one to photograph because Olivia loved to move in it so much. I just couldn't get the girl to stand still for two whole seconds in a row. Which I guess is saying some pretty good things about these patterns which I might not have been able to share with you otherwise. They're just plain fun to wear!

Both patterns are from the Sew Fab pattern bundle (affiliate link) which *hint! hint!* is only available through the end of this week. So snap them up while you can!

Want to learn more about these two fun pieces? Well then, come with me! ...

First up today is the Sally Dress (reg price $9.95). It comes with various sleeve options and boasts a gathered waistline, two large front pockets, and a fully-lined bodice. I made this one in a size 5 and it fits her great.

I shortened the sleeves on this one and I really like the way it turned out. I think the short sleeves will actually work better in the fall and winter months ahead since we can layer a cardigan over it more easily.

Oh yes! And one of my favorite things about this pattern (despite the fact that I am a buttonhole pro now) is that there is no zipper or buttonhole closure to worry about. You know I'm all about avoiding the tricky parts when I can.

Here's the back. You'll notice that it's exactly the same as the front, minus the pockets. I like that. :)

And, just because, here's the hem along the bottom. I used some fabric from Jo-Ann's that was a higher quality quilting cotton, but it almost reminded me (both in look and feel, but more in look) of nani iro. Oooh, dreamy.

Underneath her pretty dress she's wearing these Fancy Pants Leggings (reg price $9.00) which are both cute and comfy, but also keep her legs warm and keep her from showing off her (ahem) undies. I already blogged about this particular pair of red leggings here and a cute gray pair using the same pattern here, so we'll call that good. :)

I really love the way this outfit came together. The dress is perfect on her and, what's more, she really loves wearing it. I love the way those little red legs stay both cute and cozy in their leggings, while her body is free to move and dance and fill up her pockets and her heart.

Not to mention all the freedom it gives her to point those little ballerina toes.

Click HERE or on the button below (affiliate links) to buy the bundle and get both of these great patterns (plus 24 others) for only $29.95. This week only! Sale ends Oct. 8. Enjoy!


Hmm... now which pattern to make first?


Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

aw man! I was totally planning on making sadie a sally dress with that fabric! haha! Now I'll look like a big ol copycat... hehe! It's just so darn cute! that might have sealed the deal actually..must use this fabric asap!!

Katie Lewis said...

Jess- Ha! I couldn't be more flattered. :)

hey june said...

I love how you're building her a wardrobe of things that all coordinate together! You're a smart lady :)

Very Shannon said...

I love that fabric and with the red leggings - adorable!!! So glad you enjoyed the pattern!