Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Undies Pattern (with FOE update)

My own pattern being offered in the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle (affiliate link) is my Undies Pattern (reg price $10.00). I first created this pattern because I simply couldn't find any undies small enough to fit my tiny girl when we first started trying to potty train her. The pattern runs sizes 12-18 months to size 6, so we're still putting it to good use.

This pattern has always been a favorite of mine (okay, okay, so maybe I'm a little biased), but this time around I tried finishing off the edges with fold over elastic (FOE) and now I love it even more.

Okay, confession time first. Even though this pattern is really straight forward and easy to follow (and--hello! even though I wrote it), I messed it up when I was making this pair by sewing the casing on one of the leg holes on backwards. Boo to dumb mistakes. But the strawberry print (from my favorite local shop, Sew to Speak) was too cute to throw in the scrap pile, so I decided to try and salvage them by finishing off the leg holes with FOE instead. That's why the leg hole on the left looks wider than the right leg hole. I was too lazy to unpick a million zigzag stitches, so I just trimmed off my mistake and covered it with FOE instead. Sometimes you just gotta loosen up and live a little. And I'm so glad I did! Because this is my new favorite way to make these fun little undies.

Here's a quick how-to:

  • Instead of following the instructions for attaching the edging strip to the leg holes in Step 4, simply fold the FOE in half and sandwich the edge of the undies in between. Pin the FOE along each of the leg holes and sew in place using a zigzag stitch. 
  • Then continue to follow the instructions in Step 5 up through picture #29. At this point you can either create the casing around the waist and follow the original instructions OR you can do either of the following...
  • Option 1: Leave the undies as they are and apply FOE around the top edge of the undies. To do this, fold the FOE in half, sandwich it over the top edge, pin, and sew in place using a zigzag stitch. If you do this, just make sure the FOE overlaps on the ends and stretch it a little as you go, if necessary. (Note: This is what I did on this particular pair and it worked out great.)
  • Option 2: Trim off the 3/4" around the top of the undies that you would have used for the original casing and then apply the FOE the same as you would in Option 1 (above).
By using the FOE, you get to skip most of Step 5 (except as noted above) and all of Steps 6 and 7. It makes this already easy pattern a bajillion times faster. And I like to think they'd be comfier too.
I used Option 1 on this particular pair and it worked out great. It just leaves a little extra room for her bum, but they're not baggy. They fit her just right. Oh, and this pair is a size 4T-5T.

Here they are from the back. Don't mind my little lopsided mistake. :)

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Unknown said...

They're glorious! I can't wait to share mine, too! :D

Welcome to the Mouse House said...

oh cute! I am going to try that next since I have a bunch of FOE

Here is my post from yesterday about the undies