Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Minute Craft: DIY Grand Neighbor Gifts on Nestle

Hi Friends! Looking for a fast, easy, and super charming little gift to give to your  neighbors this year? I'm over on Nestle sharing this fun idea for DIY Grand Neighbor Gifts. They literally take about 5 minutes to prep. If you can operate a printer to print off your tags and cut string, you can handle this. :)

Head on over to check it out!

Disclaimer: I was hired by Nestle to share ideas for using their line of holiday candies this year. And it was such a fun opportunity! I'd let people pay me and give me free chocolate to write crafty posts for them again in a heartbeat.


Emily said...

This is cute! Good idea. It was fun chatting today! And for the record, dinner is still not done because someone refused to nap. She was still awake when we finished talking so I just got her up. Don't worry, she will totally tell baby boy her nap staying up secrets. :)

Patricia said...

Way to go, Katie! Cool that you're blog is featured all over the place!