Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Totally Unrealistic Christmas Wish List

Despite being happily married for the past (almost) 6 years, my husband panics every time Christmas rolls around. Apparently I'm hard to shop for. This has been confirmed by all of my in-laws, including my sister in law that I talk to multiple times a week. They know me well and love me lots, but hate to buy me things because they know that, secretly, deep down, I'm really picky. I'd like to say they're wrong and I'm happy with anything, but, well, what can I say? I know what I like. I just don't like telling people to buy me stuff.

Last year Bryan and I finally started Christmas wish list Pinterest boards with links to stuff we like, but since mine for this year is looking a little sparse, he's been pressing for more ideas. The problem is, I really haven't been able to think of many things I'm dying to have.

I only have a month and a half left (!!) of being pregnant, so I'm not interested in investing in more maternity clothes at this point. And since I haven't been able to wear 99% of my wardrobe for the past several months (and because I very much hope to lose baby weight and get in shape), I don't feel compelled to ask for regular-size clothes either. Maybe by next Christmas I'll be a normal, stable (super skinny hot momma) size, but that's next year, not this year.

And since I just finished my book and it's out happily living on your shelves now, I'm at one of those weird points in my career/creative life where I don't have really big, specific goals to focus on and need stuff for. I might feel more driven to focus on a bunch of new exciting things if I weren't about to have a baby, but, under the circumstances, I've been mentally prepping myself to not have any creative or business ambitions until next spring at the very soonest. (Though, spoiler alert: there is a pattern in the works that I'm aiming to release sometime in the spring of 2014. We shall see. I'm making zero promises as it all depends on how this whole having-a-newborn-thing goes. In the past four years I have totally forgotten everything about how to take care of babies.)

All of this considered, I finally sat down this evening and hand-wrote a list for Bryan of things I'd love to find under the tree on Christmas morning--most of which are free or cheap and require more slave labor on his part than anything else, but which I would genuinely appreciate and enjoy. But because the imagination knows no bounds, I've also decided to compile a list of totally unrealistic Christmas wishes.

Behold: ...

  1. Daily hair styling to make me look and feel awesome every single day. No matter how well I dress myself, my hair is always the great ruining factor.
  2. An iPhone. I genuinely love my iPod + junky pre-paid cell phone combo I've got going on, but the camera quality on my iPod is kind of shameful.
  3. To know where we will live when Bryan graduates in a year and half. (Also, a solid, awesome-paying job for him and a sweet house (or at least a townhouse with a garage) to go with it.)
  4. Or at least just a garage right now.
  5. A gym membership to the gym right next door to our house with a childcare center to watch my kid(s) while I exercise and become so fit and awesome-looking. (This is a pipe dream because--reality check--there is no gym right next door to our house, let alone one with childcare.)
  6. A real studio with awesome lighting and pretty decorations and stuff. (Side note: why is it so many awesome bloggers with glamorous-looking lives and tons of sweet connections live in San Francisco?)
  7. All the things from Purl Soho, but especially enough skeins of their fancy, luxurious yarn to actually make something. And, of course, knitting lessons to go with it.
  8. An in-house photographer to take all the photography for tutorials so I could pump them out and just focus on the writing and project construction, which is the part I like the most.
  9. An unlimited supply of awesome new fabric.
  10. A trip to visit my awesome in-laws who are living in Germany right now, but who have yet to buy us plane tickets to come visit them even though I'm about to have a baby and then a newborn and even though Bryan wouldn't be able to get time off from clinic even if they did.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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Kathy Haynie said...

Secret comment for Bryan's eyes only

Or gift cards to her favorite thrift stores.
Ditto for donut shops.

Hmmm…she's a tough gal to shop for! I know you'll pull through.