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A bit about me: 
Hi! I'm Katie Lewis, a stay at home wife and mother who loves to create. Here on The Red Kitchen you'll find some fun sewing and craft tutorials, preschool activities, and some general ramblings from yours truly. If you ever have a question, personal comment, or you noticed some embarrassing typo in one of my posts, please feel free to drop me a line.






My Faith:

My Book:
Simple Sewing: 30 Fast and Easy Projects for Beginners (affiliate link)

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: Any links you see on my blog to products on Amazon.com (including the button for my book "Simple Sewing" on the sidebar of my blog) are my affiliate links. With the exception of the button for my book in the sidebar, these links are always followed by "(affiliate link)" so you're never caught off guard. Should you choose to click through these links and purchase the item(s) linked to, I will be payed by Amazon for a portion of that sale. Participating in this affiliate program helps fund my website and creative endeavors, but please know that I only link to products on Amazon that I would be linking to whether I got paid for it or not. I've been a happy Amazon customer for many years and I link to their site because I love it and I love the products I'm linking to. Thanks so much for understanding! A girl's gotta buy fabric somehow! :) 

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